Innovative Education towards
the Needs of the Organic Sector


Information about the EPOS project and project results were widely disseminated during the course of the project. Altogether, EPOS Partners gave at least 50 oral presentations about the project and participated in discussions with more than 1800 people (mainly representatives of higher education & organic sector); published 5 articles in magazines/newspapers and on-line magazines; sent more than 1700 e-mails with information about the project, invitation to EPOS conference and with links to the  electronic EPOS survey; disseminated information and results of the project via 16 different websites, including EPOS project website and Facebook profile; via handing out leaflets about the project and about EPOS activities within different groups of stakeholders including potential employers, policymakers, students, academic teachers and researchers, during at least 6 big national & international events. Altogether at least 89 dissemination activities were reported, in that nearly 70 with the national & international scope.

EPOS conference in Estonia1More than 500 Organic sector representatives were targeted by the EPOS survey (‘Analysis of the labour market needs’); 245 educators, politicians, organic sector stakeholders participated in the Multiplier Event E1. Here we list a few examples of audience targeted by the EPOS dissemination: 80 participants of the Euroleague for Life Sciences; 100 applicants & beneficiaries of Strategic Partnership calls 2015 & 2016 (meeting organized by the Erasmus+ NA); 100 participants of the FENS nutritional conference in Berlin; 263 participants of the conference ‘Estonian organic farming today and in the future’ in Tartu; 141 participants of the Avinurme, Rapla, Viljandi, Vastseliina and Tartu Organic Farmers Field Days (Estonia); 200 participants of the Conference at Islamic Azad University, Isfahan; Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture (MZe) (Czech Republic).

Detailed report of all dissemination activities undertaken by each Partner within the EPOS project can be found here:

EPOS Dissemination report (pdf): EPOS DISSEMINATION REPORT

EPOS Dissemination report (MS Excel): EPOS DISSEMINATION REPORT

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