Innovative Education towards
the Needs of the Organic Sector

Problem Solving Projects

Students Internships/Problem Solving Projects in EPOS took place between January and March/May 2016 in each country participating in the project. In total, 84 students & 26 stakeholders representing organic sector participated in this educational initiative.

During the Problem Solving Projects in EPOS students (in most cases those participating in the EPOS Intensive Study Programme + additionally enrolled students) cooperated with stakeholders representing organic sector. Physical meetings and virtual cooperation were organised. Students’ task was to identify stakeholders’ problems/ weaknesses and develop strategies to help solving them. Students were supervised by lecturers from their universities. This projects helped to create a link between university students and their potential future employers & to strenghten the university graduates position on the labour market.

In most participating countries the Internships were acknowledged by the University Authorities and European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) was applied to award the participants (3-4 ECTS, depending on the country).

See section ‚Results’ -> output 7 for more details about the EPOS Internships programme.

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