Innovative Education towards
the Needs of the Organic Sector

Project meetings

There were 4 Transnational Meetings organised during the EPOS project.

A general purpose of the meetings was to develop common concepts, keep constant track on the progress of the project, discuss all current issues, solve ongoing problems and plan further activities. Well organized Transnational Meetings were crucial to ensure effective cooperation between EPOS partners.

Here you can find the dates, location and specific objectives of each of the EPOS Transnational Meetings as well as detailed programmes and lists of participants:

I EPOS Meeting in Witzenhausen


Host: University of Kassel (Witzenhausen)

Dates: 6th-8th Nov 2014

No. of participants: 10 (1 from host + 9 from other univ.)

List of participants:

I EPOS Meeting_Germany_Attendance list

Agenda: Introduction by the host & the project Coordinator; Self-presentation of project partners; Presentation & discussion of the ‘Internal cooperation agreement’ to be signed between each Partner and the Coordinator; Presentation & discussion of the project aims & work programme; Presentation of the aims & tasks of the I phase of the project (analysis of the labour market needs); Discussion of the questionnaire for stakeholders to be used in the I phase of the project; Discussion of the project website; Choosing topics of the lectures to be presented by each Partner during the II Project Meeting; Initial discussion of the EPOS e-learning platform, students’ enrollment strategy, further project milestones.

Detailed programme of the meeting:

I EPOS Meeting_Germany_Programme

II EPOS Meeting in Warsaw


Host: Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Warsaw)

Dates: 26th-27th Feb 2015

No. of participants: 15 (4 from host + 11 from other univ.)

List of participants:

II EPOS Meeting_Poland_Attendance list

Agenda: Presentation & discussion of the current status of the project; Presentation of the Limesurvey system; Presentation on innovative teaching methods/tools by each Partner; Discussion of the programme, organizational matters & tools of the e-learning and Intensive Study Programme; Discussion – students’ enrollment for the project.

Detailed programme of the meeting:

II EPOS Meeting_Poland_Programme


Host: UPM (Madrid)

Dates: 16th-18th Mar 2016

No. of participants: 14 (2 from host + 12 from other univ.)

List of participants:

III EPOS Meeting_Spain_Attendance list

Agenda: Summary of the I phase of the project (presentations on the EPOS survey results from each country); Discussion about further steps to be taken (research paper); E-learning & Intensive Study Programme – activities report, lessons learnt so far (feedback, needs for improvements, discussion); Problem Solving Projects – current status of the activity in each country, discussion of the technical issues (ECTS, certificates); Discussion on the implementation plan of the project curricula; Dissemination reports & plans of each Partner; Multiplier event – funding rules, organizational aspects, reporting, programme (presentation and discussion); Technical issues & problem solving.

Detailed programme of the meeting:

III EPOS Meeting_Spain_Programme

IV EPOS Meeting in Viterbo 2


Host: Tuscia University (Viterbo)

Dates: 21st-22nd Jul 2016

No. of participants: 16 (3 from host + 13 from other univ.)

List of participants:

IV EPOS Meeting_Italy_Attendance list

Agenda: Report on the current state of the project & discussion; Report on the status of the EPOS research paper – distribution of tasks; Report: progress of the implementation of the project curricula into regular teaching schedule of partner universities; Report about the Multipier Events in each country; Reports of dissemination activities undertaken & planned by every partner; Technical, financial, administration issues solving.

Detailed programme of the meeting:

IV EPOS Meeting_Italy_Programme

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