Innovative Education towards
the Needs of the Organic Sector

Intellectual Output 1

O1 EPOS Intellectual Output comprises of an extensive analysis of the organic sector-specific skills and other competences of graduates necessary to satisfy the employers’ needs in the organic sector.

The O1 survey was carried out in 2015 with different stakeholders from the organic food sector in seven countries participating in the EPOS project: Finland, Estonia, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain and Italy. English version of the EPOS questionnaire was jointly elaborated by the EPOS consortium and then translated into languages of all participating countries; both paper version and on-line (Limesurvey) questionnaire was used to collect data. The main goal of the survey was to investigate, at European scale, the needs of different stakeholders towards the skills & knowledge of their potential employees.

The EPOS survey targeted 539 respondents from 7 countries (44-103 per country). The following groups of stakeholders were involved: farmers, processors, salesmen, representatives of import/export, consultants, certifiers, representatives of the public service, educators.

The O1 report produced on the basis of the survey results can be downloaded here: Analysis of the organic labour market needs-report

The survey results from individual EPOS countries are available here:

Czech Republic: results of the survey-report from Czech Republic

Germany: results of the survey-report from Germany

Estonia: results of the survey-report from Estonia

Spain: results of the survey-report from Spain

Finland: results of the survey-report from Finland

Italy: results of the survey-report from Italy

Poland: results of the survey-report from Poland

A research paper summarizing the most interesting results of the EPOS survey is planned to be published soon in an open access journal.


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