Innovative Education towards
the Needs of the Organic Sector

Intellectual Output 3 and 4

Intellectual Output 3

O3 EPOS Intellectual Output comprises of the Moodle e-learning section developed within the IT environment of the University of Kassel. Partners put an effort to make use of innovative features of the Moodle system (i.e. forums, quizzes), to provide innovative education for the students enrolled for the educational activities of the EPOS project, but also for other people willing to make use of the system.

You can now register at the Open Moodle platform & access the EPOS – eLearning module via the following website:

Please find here a detailed instruction how to access the EPOS eLearning module:

Guide to the EPOS_e-learning platform

Once you open the EPOS Moodle platform, you will find 8 subject sections in the panel of the left side of the page: 1. Introduction into organic farming; 2. Crop management; 3. Plant protection; 4. Alternative crops; 5. Food quality; 6. Marketing and environmental management; 7. Environmental impact; 8. Ecosystem services.

Each section contains (a) the e-learning lecture(s) (either a ppt presentation or a link to the video lecture), (b) ‘literature basket’ with a selection of relevant references for the studied topic, and (c) on-line quiz to examine your knowledge gained through studying the provided course materials.

Intellectual Output 4

The e-learning lectures (ppt presentations, video lecture of Doc. Irina Herzon) & quizes, build the O4 Intellectual Output of the EPOS project and have been collected below, under the following links:

All countries:

Quizes for e-learning

Czech Republic:

Konvalina_Alternative crops / Moudry_Environmental impacts of agriculture


von Fragstein und Niemsdorff_IFOAM norms for organic production


Luik&Veromann_Control of pests and disease in organic production


Briz_Marketing research applied to innovative products


Herzon_Ecosystem services and agriculture / Herzon_Video lecture on the ecosystem services


Mancinelli&Radicetti_Crop management


Rembialkowska&Średnicka-Tober_Organic food quality and safety

For those who would like to make use of Moodle to develop own study course, the following guides available on the Moodle platform may be of interest:

Moodle Guide1


Moodle Guide3

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