Innovative Education towards
the Needs of the Organic Sector

Intellectual Output 8 and 9

O8 & O9 EPOS Intellectual Outputs comprise of an extensive analysis of ‘needs for improvements’ of the two crucial EPOS educational activities: e-learning & Intensive Study Programme. The analysis was done based on the feedback of the students & lecturers participating in the above mentioned activities. Their feedback was collected in the end of the Intensive Study Programme in Aug 2015 with the use of questionnaires designed by the EPOS consortium. As these two activities were strongly connected (e-learning module served as an introduction for the Intensive Programme), feedback was also analysed together for both activities.

All the educational activities undertaken in the EPOS project (e-learning, Intensive Study Programme and Students Internships) were evaluated by the participants (students, lecturers, stakeholders). Such evaluation helps improving the activities and is of great importance for future implementation of similar initiatives into the curricula of partner universities or any other interested educational institutions.

The O8-O9 Report on the EPOS e-learning & Intensive Study Programme is available here:

Analysis of needs for improvements-e-learning & ISP


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