Innovative Education towards
the Needs of the Organic Sector

Intellectual Output 13

Based on the curricula/programmes of the educational activities tested and improved within the project, and taking into account specific circumstances at each partner university (possibilities, formal requirements, time schedule of the teaching courses etc.) each partner was encouraged to prepare a curriculum/programmes, to be implemented in the regular study programme of the university. If required by the authorities of the particular universities, it should be translated into each Partner’s language.

We can already see the effects of the above mentioned actions, as in E.g. EULS (Estonia) and UPM (Spain) Problem Solving Projects have already been introduced into the regular teaching programmes. In other countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Italy) steps were taken to introduce the problem solving internships into the regular teaching program in the next academic year. So, the curricula developed within the project are already enriching and enhancing the attractiveness of the educational offer of partner universities.

Within the O13 EPOS Intellectual Output we report (a) the EPOS Problem Solving Projects syllabuses prepared by all Partners, as well as (b) other examples of the active implementation of EPOS approaches in the teaching programmes of participating universities.

EPOS Problem Solving Projects Syllabuses:

In English: EPOS_O13-syllabus of Problem Solving Projects_EN

In Czech: EPOS_O13-syllabus of Problem Solving Projects_CZ

In Estonian: EPOS_O13-syllabus of Problem Solving Projects_EE

In Finnish: EPOS_O13-syllabus of Problem Solving Projects_FI

In German: EPOS_O13-syllabus of Problem Solving Projects_DE

In Italian:EPOS_O13-syllabus of Problem Solving Projects_IT

In Polish: EPOS_O13-syllabus of Problem Solving Projects_PL

In Spanish: EPOS_O13-syllabus of Problem Solving Projects_ES

Examples of EPOS Problem Solving Projects implementation in teaching:


Finland-UH 1

Finland-UH 2

Finland-UH 3

Germany-UoK 1

Germany-UoK 2

Italy-UNITUS 1

Italy-UNITUS 2

Poland-WULS 1

Poland-WULS 2




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