Innovative Education towards
the Needs of the Organic Sector

Intellectual Output 14

O14 EPOS Intellectual Output include a set of presentations prepared by each EPOS partner for the Multiplier Event – the Conference ‘Innovative Education towards the Needs of the Labour Market’ organized in each participating country between May and July 2016. See website section ‘EPOS Conferences’ for details about the EPOS Multiplier Event.

All Partners prepared presentation(s) for the conference in own language, altogether there are 20 presentations from 7 participating countries (7 from Poland, 5 from Estonia, 3 from Czech Republic, 2 from Spain, 1 from Germany, 1 from Finland and 1 from Italy).

Most of the presentations address (a) the needs for improvements in the educational system, to cover specifically the expectations of European employers (on the basis of the research done within the EPOS project), (b) information about the innovative educational tools and study methods developed and tested within the project (e-learning, students internships, intensive study programmes); (c) some also provided briefing about potential funding opportunities to help organizing similar educational initiatives.

All presentations & dissemination materials (e.g. EPOS Flyer dissemination during the EPOS conferences) can be found here:

Czech Republic:
Czech Republic_ME_Presentation1 / Czech Republic_ME_Presentation2 / Czech Republic_ME_Presentation3


Estonia_ME_Presentation1 / Estonia_ME_Presentation2 / Estonia_ME_Presentation3 / Estonia_ME_Presentation4 / Estonia_ME_Presentation5

Spain_ME_Presentation_Teresa Briz / Spain_ME_Presentation_Noelia Martin



Poland_ME_Presentation1 / Poland_ME_Presentation3 / Poland_ME_Presentation2 / Poland_ME_Presentation4 / Poland_ME_Presentation6 / Poland_ME_Presentation5 / Poland_ME_Presentation7

EPOS Flyer:


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